Personal Narrative Essay: Writing about Yourself

A personal narrative essay is a paper where you have to take your reader on a journey through the experience you’ve had. It sounds easier than it is: you have to make it interesting yet keep it within the limit of an academic essay. How to do that? Let’s try together.

What is a narrative essay

A narrative essay is a tough task. It is not easy to write about your personal experiences, so you need to get prepared. A narrative essay is a work that gives your reader a chance to know a bit more about you and follow you in an interesting or important situation. You have to make them interested yet keep it tactful. The very narrative essay definition presumes that you’ll speak from the first person, that’s the basic narrative essay format. So what is a narrative essay? It’s a paper with one finished story about a moment in your life that had a definite influence on you, for instance, your experience of community service, your first salary, your gap year, etc.

Find yours among narrative essay topics

Good narrative essay topics are the ones you can cover in your writing without being too formal or devoting too much attention to details. It is a hard exercise, but it might be easier if you imagine you tell a story to a friend. Try to provide enough detail to make the plot realistic but save the facts that do not add to this particular writing for the next time. You have to captivate your reader emotionally, and that’s where your ‘imaginary friend’ can help. You might want to look trough some personal narrative essay examples or the lists of topics for them, they might help you on the way. A good example of a narrative essay is the one you can’t stop reading, and that’s where your honesty and literary talent have to help you.

Writing a narrative essay

As you get down to writing, you may want to come up with a plan. Often there’s no need to make a multi-layered narrative essay outline, just jot down your thoughts and think about the structure.

Do not forget to give the readers an insight into your setting, describe some background if needed, and make a smooth introduction to the situation that took place. If there’s a narrative essay rubric, make sure you study it as your paper will be evaluated using this document. Would your work become a good narrative essay sample? Try your best.

Narrative essay example

You can use a nice narrative essay example in order to see how these papers are made. It is also helpful to download them in order to find some inspiration for your topic. Just make sure you understand the difference between the styles that are used in those papers. The example of narrative essay you find may differ in terms of style from the task you’ve got. So use them to create a general idea of the essay genre, but do not use the formatting. If the format is up to you, choose the style that is the easiest to manage. That will help your readers focus on the content. Try choosing good examples of narrative essays or you may end up misguided. A nice sample narrative essay will show you how to start and develop the writing.

The moral

You are to show how the situation you described changed you or influenced your views. No need to add too much pathos: even a small experience can be important, so tell it as it was, but let your readers learn something in the end. You now know a little more about how to write a narrative essay. Are you ready to provide your audience with a story? Let your thought flow!