Four Questions You Need to Answer When Reviewing a Product

If you receive a task to write a critical review of a product, the first thing you should do is choose a product to be discussed. Of course it would be easier to choose something that you are already familiar with and use every day, for example, a home appliance, a smartphone, or a software program, but don’t. The review has to be objective and non-personal. You have to be new to this product and get to know it from all sides in order to objectively analyze both its advantages and drawbacks.

So, when reviewing a product, ask yourself the following questions:

Question 1: How It Works?

Check how easy it is for you to understand the working principle of the product. Is it beginner-friendly or you need help while using it? Is the current version of a smartphone’s operational system clear enough for you? Does a software product have an intuitive user interface? Do you have to consult the user manual every time you turn on your new blender? Is the product compatible with other similar product that you may use together with it?

Question 2: Does It Tell the Truth?

Research how the product is advertised. Does the vendor overpraise it? Can the product actually do what it’s supposed to do, or you have to pay to unlock some of the advertised features? Are the ads annoying and disturbing? What do people say at review websites such as Trustpilot?

Question 3: How Vendor Treats Customers?

Test the product’s customer support to see if they hire professionals that can answer any product-related question or at least redirect your request to those who are qualified enough to process it. How long do you have to wait for help? How many ways of help do they offer?

Question 4: What Makes It Stand Out?

Compare the product with other similar products and identify the characteristics that make it different from the others, or even better than others. For example, a program can have different interface localizations that make it suitable also for users who don’t speak English.

And that’s it. If you answer these four questions properly in your review, we guarantee that you’ll receive a high grade.