Cagliari University, Italy – 1620



Italy is one of the most interesting, unique, beautiful countries in the world. Italy is marine, mountainous country located in the south of Europe, from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, it takes quite a vast area: the island of Sicily, the Apennine Peninsula, Sardinia. Italy is a classical country for tourists.

Cagliari University

Cagliari University, founded in 1620, is one of the oldest educational institutions in Italy. Nowadays, it consists of 10 buildings, located on the beautiful coast of Sardinia.
The main building of the university was rebuilt several times. Its final reconstruction and modernization were held in 1980. The majority of the elements of the original construction were saved. It is made in classic style with single elements of Baroque.

University of Cagliari is a large state institution. More than 36 thousand students are studying there. Due to its fundamental scientific base and international politics the university ranks among the best universities in Europe. The high level of education and a beautiful historic city attracts a huge number of people willing to be educated there.
Cagliari University is committed to take leading positions and carries out its mission by promoting and expanding the knowledge of students, at the same time relying on learning from past experiences.

University actively welcomes and encourages the deepening of intellectual thought and supports the students’ ability to advance knowledge and the pursuit of new ideas. Students Cagliari University use the service for writing term “term paper writing service

Cagliari University has made a commitment to share the results of the research to improve the social, economic, cultural and intellectual life of the city of Cagliari and the region of Sardinia.

Currently, the University of Cagliari has the following departments:
1. Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy
2. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
3. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
4. Faculty of Sciences
5. Faculty of Economic Sciences, Law and Political Science
6. Faculty of Humanities

There are more than 1,000 teachers and more than 1,000 professionals in the technical and administrative fields. Highly qualified teachers are of fundamental importance for the university.
Currently, University of Cagliari is one of the largest and most popular educational institutions in the region of Sardinia, thanks to its international studies and many agreements with prestigious universities in Europe and around the world.

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