Personal Narrative Essay: Writing about Yourself

A personal narrative essay is a paper where you have to take your reader on a journey through the experience you’ve had. It sounds easier than it is: you have to make it interesting yet keep it within the limit of an academic essay. How to do that? Let’s try together.

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Writing Articles Online

These days the Internet can offer thousands of freelance jobs, which can be easily done from home, at your computer, with a cup of coffee by your side, and at any time suitable for you. There are many such opportunities for writers. Lots of online services look for people able to do assignments for students, or rewrite content for popularization of different products, or write articles on given topics and according to customers’ requirements. This can be a good opportunity to get additional income and improve your writing skills. If you consider applying for such a job, here are some instructions on how to do it in the best way. Continue reading – Making a Difference

It takes a toll to resolve upon using custom writing services and it is even more difficult to find a reliable provider. To save you some trouble, we present a custom writing service of the new generation – With its help you won’t need to worry about anything and will be able to concentrate on other things. Continue reading

Are Online Certificate Courses Valid or Not?

With all the learning opportunities in store, education has become much more available now than it was even 20 years ago. Besides Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, there are multiple online courses ready to provide you with just the right amount of knowledge. Continue reading

How to Choose Good Courses Online

So, you have decided to get your degree online and thought that the hardest part (making the decision itself) is fulfilled, when suddenly you realized how many online options there are available and started to have doubts on whether you’ll be able to choose properly. Continue reading

Getting a TESL Certificate Online. What Is the Best?

TESOL is an acronym that stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and includes TESL (Teaching English as a second language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language). A TESL Certificate program is an introduction to ESL (English as asecond language) teaching. There are two types of programs:graduate certificates and independent certificates. Continue reading

Free Online Courses with a Well-Accepted Certificate

If you are willing to gain additional knowledge, yet have no possibility to do it a regular (going-to-school) way, the British government is ready to offer you a great option of online education. It is not only convenient but also free. The government funds various inline courses to help students develop professional skills and get better job offers. Continue reading