The New Hall School


The New Hall School

  • Location The school is located near the town of Chelmsford, which is located to the north-east of London, United Kingdom
  • Founded in 1642
  • Age 3-18 years
  • Type of school School board coeducation
  • The number of students in 1100
  • The share of foreign students 8%
  • Tuition Day School: £ 8,394- £ 16,749
  • Pension: £ 18,120- £ 25,713
  • Registration fee £ 100

Separate training at the age from 11 to 16 years allows students to be more focused, purposeful and perseverance, and in two high school, while preparing to surrender A-level, the guys back together. This structure allows students to school to show a very high academic results.

The New Hall School was founded in 1642 and today is one of the oldest Catholic schools in England. The school is located in a picturesque corner of England in this Tudor castle. The school is proud of the fact that it offers a complex, but at the same time, a balanced curriculum.

In addition to educational and residential buildings on the school grounds are 6 science labs, 3 computer centers, audio studio, a sports complex with an indoor swimming pool, a studio theater, art gallery, studio crafts,facilities for term paper writing, fields for football, basketball and other sports.

The New Hall School is known for high academic performance for all exact subjects, about 98% of high school graduates continue their education at universities.

Schedule is made individually, based on the interests and abilities of the child

Training program

The school day starts at 8:40 and lasts until 15.25 with breaks for lunch, walks and games. The compulsory curriculum includes English, mathematics, science, history, geography, art, technology, music, physical education, French language, information and telecommunication technologies. High school students may also choose classes in Latin or theatrical circle.

Extra-curricular activities

Sports: athletics, badminton, football, cricket, horse riding, golf, tennis, rounders, rugby, swimming

Music: Chamber Choir, Guitar Ensemble, club techno, oboe, piano, string ensemble, chorus girls, boys choir, brass band

Art: jazz dance, modern dance, drama, choreography

Craft: photography, ceramics, design and technology, art club


The guest house is located in four separate buildings:

  • Hawley House for girls aged 7-16 years;
  • Earle House for boys aged 7-16 years;
  • Dennett House for girls aged 16-18 years;
  • Campion House for boys aged 16-18 years.

Most students live in single rooms, but it is possible to share a room for two or even six children, which is very common among the youngest students.

Every house has a kitchen, a cozy living room, free internet access, a library and a video library with a large DVD-collection.

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Cagliari University, Italy – 1620



Italy is one of the most interesting, unique, beautiful countries in the world. Italy is marine, mountainous country located in the south of Europe, from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, it takes quite a vast area: the island of Sicily, the Apennine Peninsula, Sardinia. Italy is a classical country for tourists.

Cagliari University

Cagliari University, founded in 1620, is one of the oldest educational institutions in Italy. Nowadays, it consists of 10 buildings, located on the beautiful coast of Sardinia.
The main building of the university was rebuilt several times. Its final reconstruction and modernization were held in 1980. The majority of the elements of the original construction were saved. It is made in classic style with single elements of Baroque.

University of Cagliari is a large state institution. More than 36 thousand students are studying there. Due to its fundamental scientific base and international politics the university ranks among the best universities in Europe. The high level of education and a beautiful historic city attracts a huge number of people willing to be educated there.
Cagliari University is committed to take leading positions and carries out its mission by promoting and expanding the knowledge of students, at the same time relying on learning from past experiences.

University actively welcomes and encourages the deepening of intellectual thought and supports the students’ ability to advance knowledge and the pursuit of new ideas. Students Cagliari University use the service for writing term “term paper writing service

Cagliari University has made a commitment to share the results of the research to improve the social, economic, cultural and intellectual life of the city of Cagliari and the region of Sardinia.

Currently, the University of Cagliari has the following departments:
1. Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy
2. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
3. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
4. Faculty of Sciences
5. Faculty of Economic Sciences, Law and Political Science
6. Faculty of Humanities

There are more than 1,000 teachers and more than 1,000 professionals in the technical and administrative fields. Highly qualified teachers are of fundamental importance for the university.
Currently, University of Cagliari is one of the largest and most popular educational institutions in the region of Sardinia, thanks to its international studies and many agreements with prestigious universities in Europe and around the world.

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Tips To Minimize Stress


  1. Try to think of information as a rug. It’s all rolled up and you can’t see the whole picture, but once you spread it on the floor, you know what’s what. Your mind is a rug. You can unravel it, like, any moment and see where the battered bits are. It’s important to use this metaphor while studying, as it shows not only what you learnt, but what you have to.
  2. Use large sheets of paper to outline information. If you are taking history exam, make a list of dates and names, and make a column of positive and negative outcomes. If we are talking about literature, pick your favorite character and create a list of their virtues and flaws. Write a detailed review and keep it close so you can revise it any second.
  3. When you use color in your studies, it’s called color coding. By highlighting the battles red and the times of peace blue, you make learning process a bit more fun. If you need to organize your thoughts, it’s time you rediscover colorful pencils. Scientists call it memory boosters, or mnemonics. You sort of create an association in your head that you can later remember and recreate.
  4. Make it a parent-child issue. Preparing for an exam is like putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. You can ask your parents to cook meals for you during the examination period so you won’t stress out in the kitchen and save some time. You can also revise together and create a fake stress situation in order to see how you handle it.
  5. Get help from other sources. If you’ve got a written test, try to find assignment help online. There are services specializing in custom papers that are both inexpensive and effective. Avoid scam sites and read feedback to know if the service is really worth it, and don’t forget about free revisions.
  6. Do not talk to your classmates if you don’t feel like doing it. You all know how it is. You step out of the examination room just to be surrounded by your fellow students like a group of vultures. They start asking questions and comparing results. Believe us, there is no need to worry. You can do absolutely nothing if you spent an hour and a half scribbling about Henry V when it was Henry VII. Most of us can survive through this by breathing air through our lungs, but this is the case when you need a deep breath to calm down. Imagine you are becoming smarter every time you inhale. It will allow oxygen access and better performance. You can now take your pen and proceed with the task, but we advise you to read it carefully before you start. After all, you don’t need another breathing session, do you?

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Four Questions You Need to Answer When Reviewing a Product

If you receive a task to write a critical review of a product, the first thing you should do is choose a product to be discussed. Of course it would be easier to choose something that you are already familiar with and use every day, for example, a home appliance, a smartphone, or a software program, but don’t. The review has to be objective and non-personal. You have to be new to this product and get to know it from all sides in order to objectively analyze both its advantages and drawbacks.

So, when reviewing a product, ask yourself the following questions:

Question 1: How It Works?

Check how easy it is for you to understand the working principle of the product. Is it beginner-friendly or you need help while using it? Is the current version of a smartphone’s operational system clear enough for you? Does a software product have an intuitive user interface? Do you have to consult the user manual every time you turn on your new blender? Is the product compatible with other similar product that you may use together with it?

Question 2: Does It Tell the Truth?

Research how the product is advertised. Does the vendor overpraise it? Can the product actually do what it’s supposed to do, or you have to pay to unlock some of the advertised features? Are the ads annoying and disturbing? What do people say at review websites such as Trustpilot?

Question 3: How Vendor Treats Customers?

Test the product’s customer support to see if they hire professionals that can answer any product-related question or at least redirect your request to those who are qualified enough to process it. How long do you have to wait for help? How many ways of help do they offer?

Question 4: What Makes It Stand Out?

Compare the product with other similar products and identify the characteristics that make it different from the others, or even better than others. For example, a program can have different interface localizations that make it suitable also for users who don’t speak English.

And that’s it. If you answer these four questions properly in your review, we guarantee that you’ll receive a high grade.

Writing paper on someone’s behalf

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